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Get to know Western

To help orient you to campus and your new role, we offer several events during the first part of the academic year. New Faculty Orientation is held annually in September. NFO is full of the key information you need to get started at Western and the resources we provide to help you thrive on our campus. If you are starting with us during a different part of the year, there are other opportunities to connect and engage with our community.

Welcome, and we look forward to working together!


Fall 2024 Events

New Faculty Orientation

Tuesday, September 18th, and Wednesday, September 19th. 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM/Location TBD

Will include benefits orientation

(Note: this orientation is for all new tenure-track faculty and those non-tenure-track faculty who are eligible for full benefits)

Please reach out to Jack Herring for assistance.

State of the University Address

TBD more details to follow. State of the University Address


Year-round Orientations

New Employee Orientation Part 1: Getting the Basics, Benefits, Payroll and More

Offered weekly to all benefits-eligible new faculty (and newly benefits-eligible continuing faculty)

New Employee Orientation Part 2, University Onboarding:

Offered monthly to all new permanent employees at Western. 

More info about New Employee Orientation.

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